Noise Go away Neck Pillow
Noise Go away Neck Pillow
Noise Go away Neck Pillow
Noise Go away Neck Pillow
Noise Go away Neck Pillow
Noise Go away Neck Pillow
Noise Go away Neck Pillow
Noise Go away Neck Pillow

Noise Go away Neck Pillow

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Ergonomic Noise-go-away Neck Pillows can provide neck support on the bed and during travel. They are made of high-quality foam and covered with a soft and breathable fabric, allowing you to sleep comfortably and quietly no matter where you are.

Blocks 33Db of Sound - Blocking sound by the way they are built - no electronics, no harmful waves. There are 5 unique layers that enable it to comfortably and effectively reduce noise:

1. Dual Fabric Breathable Cover - The inside is filled with temperature-adjustable bamboo fiber, which keeps you cool and comfortable all night. The exterior is covered with a smooth, soft, and more durable fabric made from recyclable disposable bottles that prevent stains and accelerated wear.

2. High-quality Homogeneous Foam - Triple use of pillows, ear pads, and sound absorbers.

3. Imperceptible Acoustic Shell - Made of recycled ABS, environmentally friendly and practical, can ensure proper sealing and act as a sound barrier.

4. Sound Reducing Foam - High-quality noise-absorbing foam can minimize noise.

5. Ultra-soft Ear Seal - keep the noise to a minimum while maintaining comfort.

Designed for Back And Side Sleepers - After months of research and testing, the design has been greatly improved. Pillows can provide neck support, support the neck while relaxing the back, and are specially designed for travelers.

1. Appropriate Weight Distribution - Wide side pads distribute the weight of the head over a larger area so that the side sleeper feels comfortable and creates a painless soundproof environment.

2. Travel-friendly - The pillow packaging is compact and can be carried anywhere. It can provide excellent neck support for sitting users, so it is very suitable for travel enthusiasts.

The Most Suitable Size - We adjusted the size of the pillow based on anthropometric data to suit the largest number of people:

1. Wide Opening - The adjustable opening is suitable for most people. In addition, if you happen to sleep on your side while wearing earplugs, it can prevent the earplugs from pressing on your ears!

2. Memory Foam - Soft pillow can adapt to different head and neck contours. The thin springs in the foam allow them to adapt to different head widths, ensuring they do not slip.


  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 230G
  • Material: Foam, Bamboo Fiber


  • 1 x Noise Go away Neck Pillow


  • Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.